Florium Flower Fertilizert 10l

Liquid fertilizer is made by maceration of vermi-compost without the use of animal inputs. It is designed for the support of plants during the growth, flowering, and ripening stage.

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It contains enzymes and free amino acids which supports seeds germination and root system development and thus provides healthy and vigorous growth for your plants. It also contains higher content of bio available phosphorous nutrients and therefore supports inflorescence development, healthy fruits and overall higher crop yields. Plants are more resistant to stresses and pests.

Range and method of use

It is suitable for all the kind of plants during the flowering, fruiting or ripening stage, eg. Vegetables, fruit bearing plants, herbs, shrubs, trees, cereals, succulents, pot plants, orchids, roses etc. It is ideal for perennial as well as for annual plants. It is also applicable for cut flowers in vase. 

Use and dose instructions

Watering applications

For the first root watering application it is recommended the dose of 30mL of Florium in 1 L of water. For the second watering application after the week is recommended the dose 20 mL/L according to the type of the plant (more information can be provided on request).

Foliage application

Another use option is the combination of the watering with the foliage spraying application. Recommended dilution for foliage spraying is 30 mL of Florium un liter of water. Apply the spray mixture evenly and continuously on leaves and flowers at temperature up to 20°C (68°F). Keep out of direct sunlight and do not apply during the drought period. The best time for root watering is during the rain-season.

 Please read all the instruction carefully prior to use. More detailed information and plant specific dosing is available at  www.florium.cz.

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