Florium - VRS0806-4  - Professional four chambered worm composting bin with capacity 4 x 60 L – for humus, natural fertilizer, and earthworm production

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construction: it is multichamber vermicomposter with total content 60 L in each chamber. It can have a maximum of 5 chambers, size W x D x H – 80 x 60 x 110 cm

material: foamed PP, coarse dividing PP partition, fine dividing PP partition, wooden or plastic lid,  drainage

design: PP – black colour, wooden application - spruce

usage: for the disposal of biological waste from households and smaller kitchens up to 1 kg of waste per day

handling: manual

From this composting bin it is possible to obtain liquid earthworm tea. This substance, after the overall maturation of the compost, is suitable for watering all types of plants. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain very fertile soil humus from the vermicomposter, which is recommended to be extracted at once.

Construction readiness of the customer for the location of the vermicomposter:

Room or semi opened space with the stable temperature from 10 up to 25°C

The room must be ventilated


Continuously: feeding

Once a week: visual check

Once a month: rotation of the compost matter and drainage of liquids from bottom chamber, inspection and cleaning

Once a year: compost matter and earthworms separation, new establishment of vermicomposter

The composter can be further equipped according to the customer’s request.


 all-wood cladding- 3,980 CZK

earthworm handle – 600 CZK

inhabited box (multiplied earthworms on one floor, fed only with plant surpluses about ½ year), including demonstration and training of vermicomposter staff – 4,900 CZK

We will be glad to offer you the price for you individually on your request. The photo is of the basic design VRS0806-4

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