Our company specialises in biological waste management using vermicomposting. Subsequently the organic fertiliser FLORIUM, highly effective and beneficial for all plants, is made out of the waste. Our philosophy is the reduction in the use of artificial fertilizers and the improvement of food quality. 

By using our products you can save the environment, decrease CO2 production and eliminate people’s space requirements for their livelihood

Why are we different and how do we reduce CO2 production?

  • We don’t raise livestock animals
  • We create nutrition for your plants by recycling your plants leftover material
  • We don’t use any heavy machinery or facilities
  • We use only local waste surplus without any additional logistic transfers
  • We are using only recycled materials from Bioplaneta and industrial.upcycling.cz 

    Thank you for helping the nature with us by using only organic and natural fertilizers. The nature needs us!

    Florium Team